Platillos Mexicanos

Comida Regular

One cheese enchilada, one beef taco beans and rice.

Deluxe Especial

Starts with an appetizer of one crispy chile con queso tostada and guacamole star, then finishes up with one beef taco, one cheese enchilada, a tamale, beans and rice.

El Laredo

Two grilled roast beef flautas with a side or our original beef sauce and served with a guacamole star, beans and rice.


One naked, ground beef chile relleno, one shredded chicken flauta with delicious salsa espanola and a guadalajara tostada (sub battered relleno $4.00)

Flautas de Pollo

Two crispy chicken flautas with a side of salsa espanola and served with guacamole, beans and rice.

La Villita

Two cheese enchiladas beans and rice.


One naked, cheese chile relleno, cheese enchilada, crispy tostada and guadalajara tostada (sub egg battered relleno $4.00)

Carne Guisada

Large cut tender pieces of stewed beef, guacamole and your choice of tortilla, beans and rice.

Cocinero Loco

One cheese enchilada, a ground beef taco, beef fajitas, naked ground beef chile relleno, beans and rice. (sub Chicken $2.00) (sub egg battered relleno $4.00)

El Monterrey

Start with two chile con queso tostadas and a star of guacamole followed by a ground beef taco, cheese enchilada, a naked ground beef relleno and a Guadalajara tostada. (sub egg battered relleno $4.00)

Asado de Puerco

Spicy large cut pieces of stewed pork in chile colorado, served with guacamole, your choice of tortilla, beans and rice.

Carne con Chile Verde

Pieces of stewed prok in a spicy green sauce, served with guacamole, your choice of tortilla, beans and rice.

Chile Relleno Lampriados

Fresh grilled in egg batter when you order, smothered in salsa espanola, served with beans and rice (shredded chicken, ground beef or cheese) (Allow 20 minutes for preparation)

Naked Chile Relleno

Same as above with no egg batter.

Specialties of the House

Tortilla Soup

Small / Large

Caldo de Res

Small / Large

Beef and vegetable stew served with a side of rice and tortillas

Barbacoa de Cabeza Burrito (1)

Taco or Burrito roasted beef head simmered in vegetables and stuffed into a tortilla

Barbacoa de Cabeza Dinner

Roast beef head simmered in vegetable and special spices served with guacamole, tortillas, beans and rice.


Beef tripe stew served with hominy, side of fresh onion, oregano, and lemon, plus served with your choice of tortillas or crackers.

Lengua de Res Burrito (1)

A taco or burrito with a bite, beef tongue seasoned and grilled.

Lengua de Res Dinner

Beef tongue cut into bite sized pieces and grilled nice and tender with guacamole, tortillas, beans and rice.